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The 101st Corsair Regiment (Airborne) was a Systems Alliance Marine Corps shock trooper and contingency operation-capable Rapid Deployment Force certified for both airborne and orbital operations in the close and deep battlespace. It was a Marine regiment comprised of elite airborne light infantry (Corsairs), and was composed of three Corsair rifle battalions and one headquarters & headquarters company.

The unit was commanded by a Marine Major (O-6), as it was a regimental-size formation.

Richard Gregory Self served as a commissioned officer in 1st Battalion, 101st Corsairs for several years.

The 101st Corsair Regiment (Airborne) was the ground combat element of the 10th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, and was one of its three principal battle components.

The 101st Corsairs were undoubtedly named in honor of the former and deactivated U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division from hundreds of years earlier.

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