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The A74 Dragonfly is an aerial vehicle employed by the Systems Alliance Terra Corps for atmospheric aerial combat. Though the aircraft is unable to enter into exoatmospheric operation, it is still incredibly useful to the Alliance, especially against ground targets.

The vehicles versatility and maneuverability allow it to be used for multiple purposes such as it being used as a patrol craft, bomber, interceptor, and a gunship. It isn't the fastest aircraft in the Alliance's arsenal but it makes up for this in firepower.

The Dragonfly is armed to the teeth with two rocket pods loaded with Spitfire Rockets which can easily do incredible damage to both ground and air forces. An additional two concealed missile pods are located in compartments on the top of the craft, containing full payloads of Diamondback Missiles. Adding to that are Arrowhead Rockets and Moonbreaker Missiles slung underneath the aircraft's wings. Last but not least, the Dragonfly is equipped with a nose-mounted mass accelerator autocannon capable of doing armor-piercing damage.

The Dragonfly is capable of moving at very precise speeds, from 40 miles to 200 miles per hour, thanks to the high-performance thruster systems. The engine of the Dragonfly has a mass effect core integrated into it to easily implement high-maneuverability, allowing it to use vertical take-off and aerial strafing.

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