This article, A99 Wasp, was written by Redlightning312. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

A99 Wasps are high-performance starfighters designed and employed by the

Systems Alliance Military

, most often by the

Systems Alliance Navy

and the Systems Alliance Terra Corps.

The starfighter is used as both an interceptor and a fighter, capable of taking out hostile torpedoes and support crafts aswell as doing damage against hostile frigates and cruisers. The Wasp is equipped with two powerful engines which accelerate the vehicle at more than 300 miles per hour and a scrambling system makes most average lock-on weapons systems futile against them.

The Wasp is equipped with two Stinger Torpedo Pods and a mass accelerator cannon as default weaponry but the Wasp's weapon systems are modular and can easily be switched out with more devastating weaponry like Gurkha Weapons Systems or energy-based weapons like the Thanix.

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