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Flyingdebris 07
Metal Berserker

APEX is a unique synthetic created by Warlord on Korlus. Completely bound by Warlord's control, APEX will do anything to appease his creator no matter the cost. APEX was created from the scraps of old vehicles left on Korlus, updated with advanced hardware and integrated with specialized VI programming, developed to turn the machine into a feral beast. Standing at around ten feet tall, APEX is an intimidating beast. It is covered in a thick metallic shell and it's body is completely lined with weaponry. A mass accelerator cannon is located on one shoulder while a missile pod is mounted to the other for maximum destructive efficiency. APEX has only a weak kinetic barrier, one that could be dropped within a few good shots from a high-velocity rifle. It's armor is another thing, however, and can stand up to a barrage of fire. It's "head" though, where the machines CPU is located, is more vulnerable to damage however and if destroyed, will topple the entire beast.

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