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Drop ship
The AT-G12 Albatross is an active combat shuttle, designed and employed exclusively by and for the

Systems Alliance


The Albatross is obviously of a completely different mold than the other smaller drop shuttles used by the Alliance. That is because the Albatross was designed to get large groups of infantry in and out of large-scale firefights and not have to wait for a clear drop zone.

The AT-G12 obviously packs a much greater punch than vehicles like the

UT-47 Kodiak

but does not suffer from weight restrictions. The Albatross is armed with a single mass accelerator cannon and a scaled-down version of 


. The shuttle also sports two missile pods for anti-air combat. A thick outer-hull defend the Albatross from all forms of light-conventional weapons fire and a light-kinetic barrier adds to that protection. The shuttle can hold up to twenty soldiers, not counting the pilots and flight crew.

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