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Metal Superior

AURA is a unique synthetic created by Warlord on Korlus. Completely bound by Warlord's control, AURA will do anything to appease his creator no matter the cost. AURA was created from the salvaged body of a Geth Prime and integrated with an advanced AI, one so advanced that AURA is sentient. As Warlord's favorite invention, AURA has been given the most updates. Usually encased within a levitating module which emits a powerful kinetic barrier, AURA is able to float around and do damage with attacks like Rampage. In the case of modules destruction, AURA has been implanted with a mass effect core which allows AURA to levitate and a powerful kinetic shield module has been integrated into the remains of the geth's already powerful shield system. AURA has had two particle beam weapons integrated into it and an extensive synthetic nervous system which grants AURA artificial biotics. Warlord has also made several upgrades to the geth's body, making it much more powerful and able to sustain more trauma than it's former geth self. AURA has no noticeable weaknesses, so the only known way to defeat it is to somehow outlast it.

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