This article, Aegis-class Shield Ship, was written by Panthenon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The first class of it's kind, the Aegis-class Shield Ship was a vessel designed to be a moving barrier. Outfitted with extremely dense Atlas Heavy Armor, the strongest ship armor created by the citadel community, and powerful Omnicore Shielding, Shield ships are near-indestructable. All this heavy defense slows the ship almost to the level of a carrier but the ship makes up for it with its armament. The Aegis-class is armed with a Nexus Cannon, Apex Linear Cannons, and Archer Torpedo Systems along with GARDIAN and BDT. In standard combat, shield ships line the fleet's perimeter and act as a frontline vanguard, defending the rest of the fleet like shields.

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