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The Air Forces of the Systems Alliance Marine Corps, also known as Numbered Air Forces, were the principal atmospheric aircraft combat forces of the

Systems Alliance Marine Corps

, and served as the Aircraft Combat Elements of their higher Marine Expeditionary Forces. Numbered Air Forces provided the Alliance government and military the capability to establish air superiority on any habitable planet in the

Milky Way

in order to support Alliance and human interests. 

All Numbered Air Forces were commanded by a full

Marine General

, and were answerable to their higher Marine Expeditionary Force. Furthermore, they all maintained five subordinate Aircraft Wings that provided the Numbered Air Force the capability to establish air superiority, to suppress enemy air defenses, to interdict enemy ground targets, to conduct aerial reconnaissance, and to provide aerial fire support to the land warfighting forces of a Marine Division.


Unlike Marine Divisions, which had two alternate configurations, all Numbered Air Forces of the Marine Corps had a uniform composition. Numbered Air Forces were equipped with sufficiently diverse and reinforced aircraft squadrons to both defend Alliance worlds from enemy attack and also to assault hostile worlds and ensure air superiority in hostile atmospheres. Despite being formally known as Marine Numbered Air Forces, they were commonly referred to as the "Nth Marine Air Force".


Each Numbered Air Force contained five Aircraft Wings, with each Wing the organizational equivalent of a Marine Regiment, and was thus commanded by a

Staff Commander

. Most Aircraft Wings maintained a total of seventy-two aircraft, which were subdivided into six Squadrons of twelve aircraft apiece. Each Aircraft Squadron was the aircraft counterpart of a Marine Battalion and was commanded by a

Lieutenant Commander

. Individual Aircraft Squadrons were typically subdivided into three Flights of four aircraft, with each Flight commanded by a

Staff Lieutenant

, a Company Grade Officer, and the remaining pilots as

First Lieutenant


In times of war, reinforced Squadrons with extra aircraft attached to complete a specific mission objective were sometimes known as Groups, although they were still commanded by

Lieutenant Commander



Systems Alliance Numbered Air Force Order of Battle

Systems Alliance Marine Numbered Air Force, Order of Battle

Numbered Air Forces were comprised of five Aircraft Wings:

  1. Air Superiority Wing
  2. Attack Gunship Wing
  3. Attack Gunship Wing
  4. Combat Drone Wing
  5. Headquarters and Support Wing

In the Order of Battle shown (right), dotted lines indicate units that are nominally organic to the Numbered Air Force, but are attached for practical and operational purposes. The

unmanned combat drone

s of each Combat Drone Wing that perform the aerial reconnaissance and electronic warfare missions are formally attached to the Combat Intelligence Battalion of the lateral Marine Division.

Description of Subordinated WingsEdit

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