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Akida is a large terrestrial world located in the depths of the Algernon Reach. It is much larger than Earth at nearly 1.6 times the size however, life manages to thrive. The planet's core is composed heavily of Element Zero, a mass manipulation element. The entire planet's gravitational pull is far less than what it should be, making it possible for multiple forms of life to evolve. Akida is a world that has large amounts of snow in varying areas which is likely due to the massive buildup of clouds and dense ozone layer blocking the sun's rays. When it isn't snowing Akida's terrain is lush and green with kilometer-long valleys and rolling hills. Life on Akida has grown accustomed to the world and evolution has created a plethora of different organisms from the Bellowing Green Toad, the Sky Prong, and the Akidan Snow Dog. The only intelligent race on Akida is the Shuzoku, a race of nomadic beings who have grown spiritually attached to Akida and all of it's inhabitants.

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