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Real Phoenix Pilot Alice Ventura
Alice "Ace" Ventura
Biographical information

Eden Pime

Date of birth


Physical description









OHSV Amonkira

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information


Notable Facts

Known as best pilot in the Galaxy


System Alliance, Oblivion Hunters,Phoenix Force


Nicknamed Ace, Alice joined flight school after she finished school. She was able to master the technique better when anyone and finished the academy. She served in System Alliance but when she was able to hack Security codes on the ship she was in, she made it to Cargo bay. She found incriminating evidence. The Alliance declared her to be a rogue and tried to kill her.


After finishing the flight academy she went to serve in System Alliance. She got the reputation as one of the best. She was able to save a ship with only one engine working. After it she grew suspicious of Alliance. In one of the ships she was she hacked the cargo and got inside the bay. After few hours she found a box. The box had incriminating evidence. This evidence was not only on a political level but personal. She reported that she knows it and asked for retirement. She was given it but just before getting it she was assassinated. She was able to survive because the bullet was in her shoulder.

After it dozens of Assassins were sent after her. And she got a message from a Echelon to recruit her and serve aboard OHSV Amonkira. She agreed. She later served under Dawn on the ship and was the pilot. She helped Phoenix Force with Inquisitors and later was in the Battle of Architect after she wished to continue her duty. And when she helped Dawn with the Siege of Asgard.

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