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"Only a batarian could be stupid enough to bring a knife to a gun fight!"
―Amos Kenyon[src]

Carl Amos Kenyon is a former lieutenant-commander of the Systems Alliance Navy and the main protagonist of Mass Effect: Batarian Tango. After being court-martialled and dishonourably discharged from active service, he was recruited into the Corsair Programme by his former CO, Captain Fransciso 'Napoleon' Bautista.

Personal Background & AppearenceEdit

Carl Amos Kenyon was born in Sao Paolo on March 5th, 2143 C.E. as the second child of an elementary school teacher and a dentist. At the age of eighteen he enlisted with the military and served first with Alliance Special Forces (Grade N5) before starting his carreer as an officer in the Navy, where he served on various ships. In November 2179 C.E., he was transferred to the destroyer SSV Utah where he held the position of second in command. Given his service record, he was scheduled to receive his first own c
Carl Amos Kenyon

Lt.-Cmd. Carl Amos Kenyon

ommand within five years.

On August 7th, 2183 C.E. while serving aboard the SSV Utah he was responsible for the 'Palas-Incident'. Leading the boarding party on the independent merchant vessel in a routine control, he secured the ship and disarmed the crew before exploring the vessel's voluminous cargo bays, in which he found several hundred slaves in the worst possible conditions. He executed the the captain of the ship, a turian veteran, and voluntarily turned himself in, knowing he was not above the law. The reason for his light sentence can be found in the both sides, the Alliance and the turians, reluctance to turn the whole affair into a politicum.

Still, the incident ended his carreer and left him aimless and suicidal due to the experiences on the Palas. Living a depressed life in a small appartment in the lower levels of the Amazonas Metroplex, he was contacted after several months by his former CO, Captain Fransciso 'Napoleon' Bautista, and recruited into the Alliance's secret Corsair Programme to be part of a team which investigates a series of attacks against border colonies and human settlements in the Attican Traverse and the Terminus Systems.

Kenyon is a man of average height, measuring just about 6'2" (185cm). Hollow-cheeked and with high cheekbones, he appears thinner and less muscular than he actually is. He wears his dark hair cut short and has piercing, green-brown eyes.

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