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Eden Prime

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6'5" - 6'9"

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Architect was a polite and good child who enjoyed the school. He was born on Eden Prime two years prior the Geth Attack. He grew enjoying science and becoming the head of all Alliance Science Projects. In 2220 an asteroid fell on Bekenstein. He was assigned to investigate and in the end he found that inside the meteorite a small cache was locked. Inside of it He found extremely high-tech technology which started to affect his mind. He murdered all scientist working on the asteroid and disappeared. In two years he returned. He was modified and has gathered many followers. He was ready for the final blow on citadel with his new idea: I am the Future through Destruction. Notable technologies which he implanted himself with are: Geth, Reaper, Inquisitor and the tech from the asteroid which was nicknamed HELIX.

Notable CreationsEdit

Architect was nicknamed the Architects because he was creating new things. He was experimenting on Living organisms to make the better.

  • ZAHITA system-Upgraded version of GARDIAN. With this his ships were undestructible. The only weakness is Biotic Canon which is utilized by Phoenix Force.
  • TANK Elites- Bred super soldiers which are the guards he uses.
  • Architects GETH- Like Heretics and Geth this is new category of Geth working for Architect. They are known by other Geth as Architectic's
  • Turian Ghosts- Brought back from dead Turians.

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