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"You're a sick bastard."
Klen Sharroth
Arden Virness
Biographical information

the Citadel

Date of birth


Physical description





Twin Tempest Sub-Machine Guns

Eye color



Cybernetic Left Arm

Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Fought on Torfan.

Black Suns


Arden Virness was a Commando in the Black Suns terrorist organization. After having a rough childhood in the slums of Zakera Ward, Arden developed a gritty edge to his personality. He joined the Alliance, but defected from the Alliance after the battle on Torfan. He eventually joined the Black Suns at the age of 24, Arden remained with them for many years.

Early LifeEdit

Arden had a rough childhood. At the age of 6, his mother divorced with his father. Years later, Arden's father became increasingly more violent after the divorce, forcing Arden to become one of the 'duct rats'. He was one of the smarter ones, and avoided dying on multiple occasions. He eventually joined the Alliance at the age of 18.


"During the battle of Torfan, many soldiers under my command were killed. Many of them were my friends. Had I been given the chance, could I have saved them? The memory of them has haunted me my entire life."
―Arden, remembering Torfan

After serving the Alliance for years, Arden became a respected Staff Sergeant. He was sent to Torfan to destroy the batarian bases there. He was successful, but at the loss of most of his unit. Arden cared deeply for the soldiers under his command, and was undoubtedly deeply affected by this. After leaving the Alliance, he joined the Black Suns, a terrorist organization.

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