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Atomisk Red
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Atomisk Red, an extremely powerful Human Biotic, is the founder of the pro-biotic group, Evolution, and is currently known as the "Father of the Zenith". Atomisk Red is not his birth name but one that was an alias of his during his earlier life which he adopted as his real name.

Biography Edit

Atomisk Red, born Adam Reed, was born on Earth. There is not much information on his early childhood except the fact that his parents were killed and he was enrolled into a secret Cerberus project to create the ultimate biotic. While at the facility, or Subject Nineteen, grew strong but at a price. He went through experiments that nearly killed him but he eventually escaped after starting a riot.

He was one of the few to escape Pragia but it wasn't long until he was found, this time by the Systems Alliance. He was enrolled into the Ascension Program where he learned to truly use his biotic powers. When the program was shut down, Adam left to pursue a career in the Systems Alliance. He was a dangerous soldier, fighting with no mercy against his foes.

On one unfortunate mission, Adam acidentally murdered his squad commander which resulted in a court martial. He was sentenced to death but he escaped before he could be executed, killing dozens of guards in the process. He escaped to Omega in the Terminus where he got into the Red Sand trade. He also became somewhat of a preacher to other biotics and gained a small following.

He began using the alias of Atomisk and began a mission to recruit more biotics for his new cause. Over the years, Atomisk grew more and more convinced that biotics were the evolution of humanity. He convinced others of this aswell and Atomisk transformed his following into a terrorist organization. He began destroying Element Zero liners over colonies in the Terminus Systems to begin the mutation in infants and pre-birth children. He then began kidnapping those children and teaching them anything useful he could.

In the last days of the recruitment process, or what he called "the population process," Atomisk had more than 20,000 loyal biotics under him. He then began something even more drastic, he began using these biotics to acquire massive amounts of credits which he would then use to colonize Sublimity, a habitable planet with no occupying force. Atomisk finally began what he wanted to do, begin the transcendance of Humanity through what he called The Genesis.

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