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Few Colony Kidnaps


Assault of Pietas

Assault of Citadel

Attack on Citadel lead the siege of entire galactic center.


2218 September 3




Council Won half of Ciatdel is Dead

  • Citadel Council
  • Oblivion Hunters
  • C-Sec
  • Special Task Force
  • Alliance
  • Turian Hierarchy
  • Batarians
  • Inquisitors
  • None known
  • Oblivion Hunters Fleet
  • Large nearly 7 and a half million
  • Few thousands of Inquisitors
  • Million of Batarians

The battle happened quicker when anything else. The forces of batarians and Inquisitors over helmed the security and destroyed all Armories quicker when anyone else. SGA operatives were quick enough to get to council and save them by transporting to their main planet. The Oblivion Hunters fleet entered the orbit and descended to Citadel. Using M85 Megalodons it was clear that Inquisitors would be pushed back, but it just had to take time. Inquisitors weakened the defenses and Megalodon war Machines couldn't do a lot. It was when the Alliance Fleet entered the orbit and started the bombardment of Inquisitor fleet. Asari Dreadnought arrived moments later and blasted at the upper presidium to take down the point from where they were coming. The ring broke nearly in half. The citadel was weakened and long-term reconstruction would happen. The batarians killed most of C-Sec And when Oblivion Hunters made their final push. Using the EMP charges they were able to destroy most of forces. The citadel was secured but it also was nearly destroyed.

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