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The first battle in the Galactus Conflict, Sirius was just one of the many great examples of how Humans and Turians can work together.

In early January of 2196, the Systems Alliance sent a large fleet of fourty cruisers to the Sirius Relay to rendezvous with fifty Turian vessels. The ships were to attack a known Galactus shipyard near Sirius B. As the ships neared the shipyard, Captain Rod Young and Captain Atren Vimul were caught offguard by the massive fleet already prepared. A total of one hundred and thirty Galactus cruisers were being supplied and fueled at the shipyard. Captain Vimul knew that this would be the best time to attack. All at once, the Human and Turian ships opened fire on the defenseless ships. It isnt long until the Galactus ships get a hold of themselves and begin a counterattack. Galactus ships begin firing on the Humans and Turians and manage to destroy six in three seconds. The Humans and Turians split up and attack from different angles. Captain Young leads his fleet against the ships closer to the shipbuilding stations while Captain Vimul battles with the enemy near a massive space cloud.

Captain Young begins to send out Musashi Fighters to attack defense turrets and large fueling platforms. The destruction of the fueling platforms is enough to decimate large portions of the shipyard with little ammunition. As this went on, Vimul was in a stalemate with his opposing force. Even though he had many ships, the Galactus had even more and were more heavily armed than he. Were it not for his strategic prowess, he wouldn't even last against the enemy. Further into the battle, the SSV Trafalgar broke away from Young's force and quickly made it's way to the central arming station of the shipyard. In a glorious attack, the Trafalgar managed to destroy the station. The large amount of explosives and other weaponry in the central arming station created a massive explosion which destroyed a chunk of Galactus ships and the main platforms of the shipyard. After this mass destruction, Young rejoined Vimul and they annihilated most of the ships before the Galactus were forced to fallback.

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