The Battle of the Omicron Relay was one of the largest engagements in the early years of the Reaper Wars. The battle took place at the Omicron Relay as thousands of Prothean and Validus ships sprung a trap set by the Reapers.

Timeline Edit

  • 2:00--At a very early hour, Prothean and Validus ships approach the Omicron Relay after recieveing emergency messages. These messages prove to be false as a massive fleet of Reapers came through the relay and attacked the organics. The Protheans and Validus fought back and held their own though they began to take heavy losses.
  • 4:23--More than two hours into the battle, the organics must form a greater strategy to deal with the Reapers. As the organic dreadnoughts fought the Reapers head on, smaller frigates and cruisers would be needed to attack from the flanks. The Validus also employed Fighter Drones in an attempt to distract the Reapers. This tactic weakened the Reaper attack force.
  • 4:51--Reinforcements for both the Reapers and the organics begin to enter the battle. There is now a total of 3,000 Reapers and 5,000 organic vessels near the Omicron Relay aswell as the surrounding system.
  • 7:21--More than five hours into the battle, the surrounding area around the Omicron Relay is covered in debris. Thousands from both sides have perished in the battle. The organics have taken a particularly large blow, especially the Protheans. Nearly all of the Protheans ships have been destroyed in the engagement and are now support ships for the Validus. In an attempt to wipe out the Reaper fleet, Protheans and Validus tech ships go to the Omicron Relay in an effort to turn it into something they can use.
  • 9:11--The organic force begins to dwindle down to the 900s and the Reapers still have atleast 1,000 vessels. At this time, the tech support has managed to turn the Omicron Relay into a devastating weapon. They use it to create a blackhole in the center of Reaper resistance, wiping out more than 85% of their combat force. The Reapers are forced to retreat and the Omicron Relay is annihilated from the immense amount of energy it used to generate the blackhole.

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