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Turian cruiser 01
Battle of the Serpent Nebula
The Secession War

As one of the greatest and most important naval engagements in the Secession War, the Battle of the Serpent Nebula is known in history as the turning point of the Turian Civil War. A bold attack commanded by Hekeir Orata of the Arcovan Separatists turned into an immense battle just near the Citadel.

The attack was spawned by Praefan Arterius and the great military minds of the Arcovan as a sign to show just how serious they were. The plan was simple: a fleet of Arcovan warships would enter the Serpent Nebula and lay siege to the Citadel, itself. Ordinarily, such a battle plan would be suicide due to the Citadel's overwhelming defenses and the personal fleet that orbits it, however, the war fleet would be commanded by Hekeir Orata, the former-naval commander and brilliant strategist.

The attack was extremely sudden and the Citadel Fleet, the majority of which was retaken by the turians, was caught completely off-guard. Orata's strategic skill proved to surpass that of his opposition as he managed to cripple much of the Citadel Fleet's frontline forces and barrel his forces straight into the Citadel. After managing to fire off a few mass accelerator rounds into the Citadel wards, Orata and his fleet prepared to make their escape. The Arcovan fleet retreated back into the haze of the Serpent Nebula, but were intercepted by reinforcements from the Hierarchy. The battle in the nebula lasted for hours as the two opposing forces chased eachother through the purple haze, but the Arcovan managed to defeat the Hierarchy fleet and escape back to their territory.

Outcome Edit

Hekeir Orata led a devastating offensive against both the Citadel's fleet and their Hierarchy reinforcements. The Citadel Fleet lost a large amount of forces, however, most were only turian controlled ships while vessels controlled by other races weren't even touched as a strategic move by the Arcovan. Originally, the Arcovan wanted to lessen any intervention by outside governments, but Orata's hasty decision to open fire on the Citadel made certain that wouldn't happen. For his mistake, Orata was stationed on the edge of Citadel-space as the commander of a scout fleet while the Arcovan began to increase their forces. The Hierarchy also began to build-up an invasion force supported by salarian and volus auxiliary ships.

Casualties Edit

Hierarchy Edit

  • Carriers: 2
  • Cruisers: 11
  • Frigates: 18
  • Fighters: 108

Arcovan Edit

  • Freighters: 9
  • Cruisers: 12
  • Frigates: 16
  • Fighters: 113

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