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The Bioweapon

The Biohazard is a hyper-advanced biological creature created by the krogan genius, Dr. Warlord. The organism was created from the genetically-engineered DNA of Klixen. The genetics of the beast was heavily manipulated by Warlord to be the ultimate biological weapon. From it's early development, Warlord began introducing enhanced features and traits into the organisms genetic structure. At 280 feet long, 100 feet wide, 65 feet tall, and 88 tons, the Biohazard is extremely massive compared to it's original genetic precursor.

It's genes have been manipulated to fire focused radiation like a large particle beam rather than fire, and Warlord has added eezo nodules throughout the creatures nervous system to give it biotics. The Biohazard is capable of using Shockwave, Barrier, and Singularity at any time and all of these abilities are far stronger than ordinary biotics because of their enhanced nature. The Biohazard has an incredibly strong natural defense. It's exoskeleton is incredibly dense and is capable of shrugging off most light-weapons fire. The Biohazard is also very immune to fire and cryo-based weaponry and most biotics are incredibly ineffective against the Biohazard. Adding to it's incredible durability is it's highly-effective regeneration ability. Taking from his own genes to give this beast rapid regeneration proved to make standard combat tactics ineffective against it.

The extensive genetic manipulation that Warlord has done to the Biohazard has caused it to be very chemically unstable and at risk of overheating and exploding. To counter-act this, Warlord has added many cybernetic enhancements to keep the Biohazard stabilized. On it's back, Warlord has implanted a large life support apparatus which keeps the Biohazard's biological structure stabilized. Warlord has also implanted a secondary device which acts as a defense apparatus. It is linked to the Biohazard's mind via remote cerebral implant. The Biohazard is able to activate the apparatus at any time and create a form of Tech Armor.

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