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Black Jack is the name of the Heavy Frigate and flagship of Indigo and the main operations vessel of Shogun. The ship is a near clone of the Normandy SR-2 simply for the fact that Indigo received the ship from Cerberus after helping the Illusive Man in a campaign against turian terrorists. The ship is incredibly fast and has all of the same perks of the Normandy, however, any and all bugs in the ship were located and destroyed by Laxeran.

Complement Edit

The Black Jack is armed with an arsenal of Javelin disruptor torpedo launchers versus the Normandy's two. This gives the ship greater offensive capability and a greater rate-of-fire. The ship is also equipped with a Thanix Cannon located on its underbelly for combat against heavier ships. The ship's defense consists of Cyclonic Barriers and Silaris Heavy Ship Armor for extensive defense against both ballistics and energy damage. The Black Jack is also equipped with an array of GARDIAN lasers for defense against torpedoes and fighters.

The Black Jack has stealth capabilities similar to the Normandy's but is more advanced as the ship is covered in small panels which simultaneously activate Tactical Cloak on demand. Because of the Black Jack's enhanced engines and drive core from the Normandy SR-2, it is capable of staying hidden for hours while venting small bursts of heat to keep from overheating.

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