The Blockade of Red Moon is an ancient battle and the first victory against Reapers. The event featured 40 Validus dreadnoughts, 80 cruisers, 100 frigates, and atleast 3,000 Fighter Drones. A blockade of Validus ships was setup around a small, red planet that was a gateway to Gino IV. Reapers were sighted near this location and the Validus were immediately alerted. After waiting for days without activity, Validus sensors began to pickup large signals on radar. Five Reapers appeared from the darkness of space and headed straight for the blockade with no signs of slowing down. The Validus immediately fired, bombarding the Reapers with energy bolts that tore straight through their kinetic shields. They managed to destroy the Reapers with slight ease. This was only the first wave of Reapers to enter firing range as atleast twelve more Reapers met their ends to the Validus blockade. A few days later, a large force of 100 Reapers had made way for the blockade.

Again, the Validus bombarded the Reapers from the distance and annihilated two but were caught offguard from another Reaper making a sneak attack at the blockade's flank. Three dreadnoughts were destroyed by the hidden Reaper, forcing two of the dreadnoughts to break off and focus on the Reaper. Meanwhile, the rest of the blockade sent out 3,000 fighter drones to distract the Reapers. The flanking Reaper was destroyed but it still managed to throw the blockade into disarray, just like it planned. The Reapers fired on the drones but at the same time, approached the blockade at a steady rate. The blockade reorganized itself but now the Reapers had become close enough to the Validus to decimate its frontline. Concentrated fire managed to destroy two Reapers but the some of the others made it through while others stayed back to destroy and distract the blockade. In a ditch effort to keep Gino IV safe, 50 ships, 30 dreadnoughts and 20 cruisers, broke off from the blockade and intercepted the Reapers using the DSG Drives built into their ships. The battle lasted for three days as both Validus and Reapers began to fall. The battle came to an end when the Validus ships managed to regroup and hit the remaining Reapers with everything that they had.

The battle had many Validus casualties. A force of just 100 Reapers managed to decimate nearly all of a 3,220 Validus force. One dreadnought, one cruiser, and six Fighter Drones survived. The blockade of Red Moon was then heavily reinforced by a dreadnought fleet. 50 dreadnoughts, 40 cruisers, 50 cruisers, and 5,000 Fighter Drones positioned themselves near the debris field of the previous battle. Proto Mines were released into space in a way that would make it impossible for a Reaper to pass Red Moon and not be severely damaged. The remaining Validus stayed at their post, waiting for anymore Reaper ships to come. By this time, the Reapers were more interested in other areas.

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