The Brakin are a nomadic species of aliens known for their bad attitudes and scavenging. Since their homeworld was stripped of its resources, the Brakin have begun scavenging for materials allover the Galaxy. Though they are brilliant creatures, the Brakin are naturally aggressive and greedy. For 150 years, their species has been dependant on other sources for their survival. Since they've spread to so many different locations, they have made many enemies. Most of their ships are heavily armed and move in groups of four or more. They often start wars with other races to take resources or labor from their enemies. Their desperation has caused many members of the species to turn to prostitution, drug dealing, slaving, and pirating. Since they've entered the Terminus Systems in 2208, they became enemies with the Batarians. The Batarians often took the Brakin's potential territories and resources. They once had a ten year war with the Batarians which ended because they began to run low on resources. Since then, the Brakin have sent pirates to hijack cargo ships.

When they made first contact with the Citadel in 2215, their reputation had begun to improve. Their brilliance and resource gathering abilities allowed them to help the Citadel council, causing the Council to give them three worlds to colonize. After recieving these new planets, the Brakin went back to their shady ways, taking from other races in Citadel space. After three Human ships were raided, the council sent Turian fleets to keep the Brakin at bay. The Turians began to foil the Brakin's pirating operations, causing a small, three week conflict. Because they were so cheap, the Brakin decided to cease any fighting with the Turians when they spent 2 million credits on ships that were easily destroyed. The Citadel council contemplated exiling the Brakin from Citadel territory until a Brakin diplomat by the name of Shiv negotiated a treaty. Shiv agreed to have his people work as miners and workers for the Citadel if they could keep 2 out of the 3 planets that the Citadel gave them.

This agreement angered many in the Brakin community. Within 16 hours of Shiv making this agreement, he was assassinated. Though unpleased with the agreement, the Brakin decided to go along with it for awhile, using Citadel funds to find large mines that they would use for themselves. By 2223, the Brakin began to reassimilate into Citadel society, though not very respected by the other races. Many recieved work as engineers and Scrappers, keeping their roots with technology and scavenging. Some have been known to import and export illegal weapons from the Terminus Systems. A small handfull even started a military with the help of the Salarians. As of 2228, they have 17 frigates, 9 cruisers, one dreadnought, and 250,000 foot soldiers.

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