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DasAdam 03
Metal Savage

CLAW is a unique synthetic created by Warlord on Korlus. Completely bound by Warlord's control, CLAW will do anything to appease his creator no matter the cost. CLAW was created from the scraps of old vehicles left on Korlus, updated with advanced hardware and integrated with detailed VI programming, so detailed in fact that CLAW nearly appears sentient. CLAW is plated with a thick armor shell that can withstand large amounts of light-weapons fire. The synthetic also carries a large shield consisting of an extremely dense substance which allows CLAW to defend against some heavier fire. CLAW's larger arm holds a kinetic shield generator and an Arc Projector for defensive and offensive capabilities. For long ranged attacks, CLAW can extend the arm into a flail to devastate it's targets. Unfortunately for CLAW, it has a fairly weak torso which, if damaged enough, will leave the machine's power core exposed.

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