This article, Center of Krogan Health, was written by Panthenon. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Center of Krogan Health is a branch of the Tuchanka State Union which has taken up the duty of improving the health of krogan. It's primary focus is eliminating or atleast slowing the affects of the Genophage which has plagued their species for so long. Though no direct breakthroughs have been made, doctors and scientists in the Center of Health have agreed that genetics may be the cure. They have initiated many different gene therapy treatments on pre-birth krogan children in hopes of saving them.

Surprisingly, this has worked in many of them and has taken the place of the cure temporarily. The krogan undergo gene therpy for more than just the Genophage as many civilians do it to increase stamina, strength, survivability, and fertility. Soldiers who fight for the Tuchanka Union are required to take gene therapy to increase their lethality. The Center of Krogan Health is also responsible for starting new hospitals and recruiting more doctors aswell as giving them better training in the medical field.

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