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6' 2"

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Krogan Reign


Cheron is a salarian biotic, one of the last ones born after the Krogan Uprising. He is a surprisingly powerful salarian, genetically modified before birth specifically to be a special soldier for the Sons of Sur'Kesh.

Cheron was genetically augmented to be superior to the average salarian, being much faster, stronger, and hardier. His metabolism was slowed to increase his lifespan and decrease his likelihood of overheating. He was trained by surviving STG officers and gained biotics from bio-amps and further adaptations to his body.

In time, Cheron would be seen as one of the last great salarian agents and would be assigned to many secret missions against the krogan horde. Cheron would soon become a galactic fugitive when he was spotted only seconds after assassinating a ruthless krogan admiral. To ensure the safety of the Sons of Sur'Kesh, Cheron stayed away from them for awhile and drifted through the galaxy for a few years. He would later be contacted by a member of the Freedom League and join up with the rag-tag team to combat Omeka's tyranny.

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