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The Class II Battle Armor, or Battle Dress Uniform (BDU for short) is an advanced bodysuit of combat armor worn exclusively by the Advanced Tactical and Reconnaissance Forces, special-operators of the Systems Alliance Terra Corps. The armor doubles as a pressure suit in dangerous environments and enhances the abilities of the wearer greater than that of the Class I Battle Armor.

Standard Components


Tactical Helmet: Titanium, coated with a heat resistance material to help disperse heat - the inside is lined with black padding to provide comfort when the user is wearing it. The helmet's faceplate can be systematically sealed and unsealed using neural interface technology. When sealed, the helmet provides full protection to the face and protect against environmental hazards.

The helmet provides excellent protection against small arms fire and small explosive attacks. The helmet is also essential in providing ATR Forces the ability to perform EVA and also provides a Heads Up Display, giving the wearer basic information including a targeting reticule, weapon information, ammo capacity, and basic health readout.


Tactical Endurance Bodysuit: several different layers and materials, the inner layer of the black-gray under-suit is made up of Kevlar material to aid in protecting the wearer from small arms fire, the inner layer also contains a heating and cooling system which regulates temperatures to keep the user warm or cool depending on the weather conditions - the heating and cooling system can also match infrared signatures of the current weather as well to allow an ATR to go undetected in hostile locations. Coated with a heat resistance material to aid in reducing temperatures. The outer shell layer is comprised of Titanium and Ceramic composite armor plating that covers the chest, shoulders, legs and feet.


Tactical Rucksack: armored backpack that attaches to the back of the armored vest. The rucksack comes in a number of different variants. The main purpose is storage, which allows a trooper to store equipment, ranging from ammunition, to medical supplies, to explosives, to battery packs which provides power to any equipment an ATR may carry, and communications, which houses the necessary radio and satellite gear that an ATR squad requires to report in to their superiors. For longer missions, ATR Forces can carry larger rucksacks with enough supplies for two weeks of operation without external resupply. Rucksacks have integrated magnetic holding devices to allow for external back mounting of additional equipment. Equipment with magnetic properties, such as longer weaponry, can be carried externally over the rucksack eliminating the use of extra straps or slings


Compatible with several upgrades, including an Up-armored Command Network Module, and a Hardened Uplink Module for operations in hazardous environments.

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