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Commander Verril was once the second-in-command of Red Dawn, second only to Sherum Kurinus. His influence and power went unquestioned by those under him and he is the only one in the organization to have publicly gone against Aria's reign over Omega, while at the same time foiling many assassination attempts by her men. This skilled warrior is a fairly powerful biotic, proficient in such talents as the ones listed directly below:

Commander Verril also has tremendous skills in more direct approaches to combat. The highly skilled marksman is armed with two custom M-8 Jackals, a M-64 Buccaneer, and a prototype M-200 Supernova. Commander Verril is also very well-trained in many martial arts, being a master of Praefectus, Tribuni, and Evocati, three very deadly turian martial arts. The commander also has a number of other talents that he makes use of in close-combat such as the ones listed below:

When Miko killed Sherum, Commander Verril would go on to become one of his top-lieutenants and would lead Miko's forces on Illium. Verril would still have a great vendetta against Aria and would plot many attacks against her operations.

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