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The Corsair Indoctrination Course was a select training program operated by the

Systems Alliance Marine Corps

to select, train, and prepare Marines for assignment to the Corsair Regiments. Corsair Indoctrination was regarded as one of the most punishing and rigorous programs that could be taken by a Marine, and was seconded only to the Special Warfare Indoctrination and Fortification Course in its brutality and rigor.

Available to both male and female Marines, it indoctrinated them for Corsair assignment, qualifying them for airborne operations and orbital assault operations, that is, military freefall operations as well as orbital entry. Candidates learned forced entry techniques, on how to infiltrate a denied or hostile planet or battlespace by clandestine means. Marine candidates also learned how to prosecute combat operations in adverse environmental conditions and extreme terrain, such as nighttime, high winds, extreme cold, or unusual atmospheric weather conditions. Its candidates were also principally trained in mobility and stealth, as to exploit an enemy formation's weaknesses and to avoid meeting the enemy's strengths head-on.

Graduates from the Corsair Indoctrination Course were certified as "Corsair-capable" and were authorized to wear the elite "Corsair" tab above their Combat Arm Identification Symbol on their left shoulder. The course's graduates were often fast-tracked into the pipeline to the Special Warfare Indoctrination and Fortification Training Course for Special Forces selection and training, and graduation from Corsair Indoctrination was a prerequisite for SWIFT Selection and Training.

Both Lieutenant Richard Self and

Lieutenant Jacob Taylor

were graduates of the Corsair Indoctrination Course.

Because the Corsair Indoctrination Course entailed Airborne Training and Orbital Assault Training, it was sometimes referred to as "Airborne Indoctrination", "Orbital Assault Indoctrination", or "Shock Trooper Indoctrination".

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