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Cronos is an outlaw organization and viewed through the lawless zones as the twisted counterpart to Shogun. Cronos exemplifies everything about lawless space and prides itself as being a small yet infamous and feared group in the galaxy. Cronos was founded by Malakai, the self-titled "King of the Pirates". Cronos is known to be ruthless and attacks criminal, civilian, and government ships alike. The Cronos crew will sometimes act as a mercenary crew if it receives a high-enough bid .Recently, many crimelords in lawless space have collectively enlisted the crew's services to deal with Shogun and the so-called "Queen of the Pirates".

Members Edit

Resources Edit

Cronos operates from it's own makeshift mobile station, the Kraken. The wrecked dreadnought has had a makeshift port constructed into it's hull to hold the Relinquo, an experimental Cruiser stolen from a secret


facility. When in need of supplies such as food, medicine, ammunition etc, the crew simply steals what it needs from vessels unlucky to come into the crew's sights.

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