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Curt Aldrin
Biographical information


Date of birth

Age 36

Physical description









6' / 164

  • M-3 Predator
  • M-92 Mantis
  • M-6 Avenger
Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Systems Alliance


Curtis Aldrin was an Alliance Marine that played a pivotal role in tracking down and subduing rogue Spectre Captain Ambrose. Aldrin was famous for his pro-human attitude. While many of the wiser Turian Generals understood his stance, but did not necessarily agree, they kept their distance and were still respectful of him, even if he was not. However, many of the, younger, more zealous Turians, were not so gentle.

Life in the MarinesEdit

Aldrin was a patriot through and through. He believed in Earth, all her colonies, and the rights and interests of humanity come first for all humans, and that any Human that did not adhere to these viewpoints should be strictly court-martial-ed and kicked out. For what he was concerned any aliens inside human space could just drop dead. He would not have them poisoning ancient human traditions. Aldrin believed there was honor in joining the Alliance and being a Soldier, he would not serve the government of humanity any other way.

N7 TrainingEdit

Due to his extremely precise skill with a Sniper Rifle, Aldrin became an N7 Operator. The highest up one special forces member can go, Aldrin got much respect from his superiors. He befriended Yarik Streydus and Donnie Cazador before their disappearances.

Pursuing AmbroseEdit

Aldrin's first "big" mission. Aldrin was offered candidacy for the Spectres but turned it down when the female officer he was to be working with, Adrienne Rousseau, turned it down as well. The two worked together, as well as with a Turian Spectre simply known as "Callus" in pursuit of Ambrose. Callus and Curtis, as Rousseau jokingly called them, were both excellent snipers, and often they got in the way of each other. However, nearing the end of the chase, they got along, and eventually became friends, until the death of Callus at the hands of Geth Sniper "Jolt". Jolt and Curtis could have engaged in a Sniper dual that lasted for hours, but Jolt was simply to hold off the attacker allowing them to escape. Rousseau also pursued Ambrose, but was killed by him single-handedly.

The Greater ThreatEdit

After the revelation of Cerberus' involvement, and the Citadel Council gone, believed dead, Aldrin suddenly became angry at Drakon, swearing himself for trusting him. It was the first time he would actually feel remorse for what had to happen to those three unfortunate souls at the hands of a madman, and Ambrose would be there to witness it. Ambrose and Aldrin became reluctant allies afterwords. Ambrose becomes reinstated in the Alliance by Hackett, and the Alliance begins their campaign to deal with Cerberus once and for all.

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