The blood red paint signifies the human blood that its new owner intends to spill

The Deadwind is a Normandy-class light frigate originally developed by Wolfen Engineering. It used to be the SSV Guadalcanal before it was found by Saren Arterius and Lucian Seneca during the events of Mass Effect: Twilight Veil. The Deadwind inherited the problems of the Guadalcanal and its signals appear to mimic those of a Kilamanjaro-class Dreadnaught instead of the intended null-signature. Saren uses this to intimidate enemy ships as all ships are purely instrument driven. Most ships leave rather than engage the Deadwind. Like the SSV Normandy SR-1, the Deadwind uses a Tauntalus drive core.


  • Disruptor Torpedoes
  • Thanix cannon
  • Cyclonic shields
  • GARDIAN laser array
  • Large scale M490 Blackstorm
  • Thermal Amplifier (sensors confuse the deadwind for a kilamanjaro class dreadnaught as long as this feature is active)


  • Commanding Officer: Saren Arterius
  • Executive Officer: Lucian Seneca
  • Flight Officer: Thrasos Kenira
  • Security Chief; William Corvinus

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