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Dearing Actus
Biographical information


Date of birth

late 2180s

Physical description

Turina Anarchist







Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information


Notable Facts

Leads Turian Anarchy in united Drell Nebula


League of Unjust, Turian Anarchy


Born in the slums of Zakera word in one of the poorest families of the citadel, through out his childhood he developed a dozen of bad characteristics. Greedy and unhappy he grew on Citadel for 6 years. During this time he was able to learn the citadel not one being (except of keepers new about). Shafts. In the middle 2190s he ran away through shafts with his closest friends.Turian children form other poor families. He was able to sneak onto a cruiser and was taken to Palaven. In there he found Data on Ismael 34 and successfully was able to get to this forgotten Turian Colony. There he grew creating the new movement which would shake the Turian government. Turian Anarchy. This was when they were able to destroy the forgotten colony and move to the United Drell Nebula from there they contacted the Oblivion Hunters and joined the League of Unjust. He later with the help of the Anarchy he plotted the plan to take down the Hierarchy. Which currently was set in motion...


He was known ruthless and soulless by the Hierarchy. The Anarchy knew him as a savior. Through his life he carried only one thing. The hate for Turian Government and that was the reason why he lead the idea of a turian Anarchy. He had to secure him for the turian so he became the supporter of Hierarchy while secretly lead the Anarchy through his followers. He carried many plans and it lead to the great idea of destroying the Turian and changing it with Anarchy.

He was able to cripple the Council Trust with the turian and they isolated truian councilor. he was able to start unofficial second "Unification War" after what the turian Anarchy won a lot of followers. As the things got tense he had to secure himself and he made sure that he would be dead. The death was planned and the identical body was at the Main turian cruiser. Everything was made that the Hierarchy murdered him. In reality he was back in his hiding spot in Twin Systems near to the Oblivion Hunter base. And the planned flowed well. Everything was set and the turian would be disbanded it just had to take it time.

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