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“To protect order, all sentient life must perish”

Deity was a super-intelligent and sentient artificial intelligence based on Terra Valde that was created inadvertently by


from the remains of the 




, more specifically the remains of Sovereign's CPU core. Deity was created as a cyber defense unit and cyber-weapon to use against hostile alien threats against humanity, whether it be against synthetics or biological threats.

The unstable AI has since turned against it's creators and has done what the real Sovereign had failed to do; it killed Shepard. Deity now plans to use it's power and sheer intelligence to overwhelm and conquer the galaxy while destroying much of the organic sentience inhabiting it, not out of hatred of organics but to ensure order in the galaxy.

Personality Edit

Deity was made from the CPU core of Sovereign but many of the original programs that made-up Sovereign's mind was lost due to the critical damage it sustained from the Battle of the Citadel. Even though less than 40% of the ancient programs that Sovereign's mind consisted of were lost, Deity retains much of the Reaper's personality. The motivations of Deity are far different from that of Sovereign and the Reapers, however, as Deity in no way wants to allow the Reapers to return to the Milky Way galaxy. Deity retains minimal memories of the Reapers and views them as a threat to it's regime of order.

Deity is very intelligent and calculating. The AI is capable of acting simultaneously and would willingly cast aside 50% of it's resources to neutralize 70% of it's opposition. Deity is obsessed with keeping order and constantly controls the way of life for most on Terra Valde, going so far as to shut all communications with the outside community and destroy any organic-controlled vessel from entering or exiting the planet's atmosphere.

Abilities & Complement Edit

The core of Deity is located within the Cerberus Intelligence Tower, the central building to one of the Cerberus' largest scientific research centers. Deity created a virus which it integrated into nearly every piece of technology that has a CPU or is hooked-up to the internet. With control of all of Terra Valde's technology, Deity is able to control all. It has taken control of thousands of mechanized units and turned them into guards for it's base. It has also taken control of construction mechs and built many factories around the Intelligence Tower to produce combat drones, sentry bots, and Disciples.

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