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Dr. Scilon
Biographical information


Physical description





6' 0"


M-12 Locust

Eye color


  • Synthetic Left Arm
  • Synthetic Left Lung
Chronological and political information

Black Suns


Gorot II Purnali Quio Sherast Asleca Unira Scilon, or simply Dr. Scilon, was once a very prestigious scientist, one of the most famed geneticists in the galaxy, and the CEO of a multi-million credit pharmaceuticals corporation. His fame and wealth brought him a long way until he became black-listed after performing one of the most controversial (and flat-out illegal) experiments in salarian society. Dr. Scilon began getting very deep into Dark Energy research, but not for legitimate reasons that could help protect the galactic community, Dr. Scilon was attempting to use Dark Energy to create a deadly Black Hole weapon. He used millions of credits of funding from the salarian government and claimed it was for research in better terraforming methods.

Everything came to light in almost an instant after a experiment with dangerous Dark Energy particles caused a catastrophic explosion in the laboratory facility in which he experimented. The resulting blast left eighteen dead and himself on the verge, barely surviving with near-fatal injuries. He went through surgery to recover, but upon waking up from the procedures he discovered that he was under investigation by the government. He wasted no time in moving all of his credits to a new account and making his escape to the Terminus Systems, long before the salarians discovered the severity of his illegal activity.

Dr. Scilon would live years in solitude, his sanity deteriorating from stress. He soon became paranoid and had actually grown vengeful toward the Salarian government, feeling that the disaster in the lab was their fault as he felt they had given him inadequate lab material on purpose. He soon returned to the public eye, as he was spotted on Omega. He eventually met with representatives of the Black Suns who heard of his scientific genius and requested his help in a project. He didn't just help the Black Suns, he asked to join the organization. Chaos, who was a fan of the Doctor's talents, didn't hesitate to bring the doctor into the fold of the Black Suns.

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