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Like other races Drell are capable of wearing different armors. Their structure allows them to weary Human Armors and their own manufactured by Drell First Technologies .

Haze1 - копия

Armors Manufactured by Mantel State ArmsEdit

HAZE Medium Armor Edit

Haze Medium Armor is what the official Drell Military uses. Created by Salarian Manufacturer working on Shakrahna it was quickly made the best choice for Drell military. Echelon of course ordered some upgrades which were commissioned by Councilor Daraf for Neas agreed on and on public made it the law for anyone wearing this armor. Armor was also modified with combat VI which helped to monitor the Drell for any troubles. With HAZE armor came MJ-45 

Haze-20070703111026790 640w - копия

Brawler heavy shotgun.

HAZE Heavy ArmorEdit

Haze Heavy Armor is an upgraded version of Medium Armor. In order to wear such armor each Heavy Trooper Drell soldier went under special training

which included getting heavy skin weave upgrade. The armor became rare because of Instability of heavy skin upgrade in Drell physiology.

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