Omega Supreme is Juggernaut-Class Super Dreadnought whose construction in began 2183, just months before the Siege of the Citadel. Omega Supreme never participate in the Seige of the Citadel do due it was exploring the dark space of the Andromeda Galaxy, due to rumors of Reaper sightings.




  • Length: 50kms
  • Height: 8kms
  • Weight: 25 Billion Metric tons
  • Armor Thickness: 30ms
  • Pink Latex Sheathing



  • 1800 Plasma Defense Turrets
  • 1 twin Imaginary Mass Accelerator Cannon
  • 4 Meson Cannons
  • 2 Quantum Deconstructors
  • 4 Antimatter Cannons
  • 5 Antimatter Lasers
  • 2 Dark Matter Cannons
  • Gravity Manipulator
  • 1 Gamma Ray Burst Array

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