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The Eden Prime War was a military conflict lasting for about a year, from the initial


invasion of 

Eden Prime

to the defeat of the 


. The war was instigated by the rogue spectre,

Saren Arterius

and ultimately sparked a shift in 


standing in the galactic community. Saren and the geth descended on Eden Prime with 


quickly catching the few marines stationed on the planet off-guard. The marines attempted to stand against the geth, but the initial wave was too great for them to go head on against and they were forced to fall back. Soon after, 

Commander Shepard

arrived on the planet to hunt down the geth and track the leadership of the invasion, which eventually brought him to an ancient 


artifact. Not long after Shepard was extracted from Eden Prime, Alliance forces arrived to fight off the remaining geth invaders.

The initial battle was long and bloody, lasting for two weeks and costing more than 600 marine lives. The main geth incursion was eventually completely hunted down and expelled from Eden Prime but the war didn't stop their. Alliance forces began intercepting geth scout fleets in the surrounding system and eventually in the entire star cluster. A hunt for geth outposts also began on many worlds, some being small with only a few dozen geth while others were considered fortresses. Eventually the Alliance seemed to be on the verge of victory after it became apparent that geth forces had become minuscule in the region. In time, the Alliance completely obliterated geth forces in the

Exodus Cluster


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