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Elite Combat Operatives

Since 2185


Systems Alliance


Systems Alliance Terra Corps


Special Forces




Elite Combat Operatives (more commonly referred to as ECO) are

Systems Alliance

Special Forces who operate as a part of the Systems Alliance Terra Corps.

Elite Combat Operatives are the best warriors that


has to offer. Along with being permitted to have gene therapy that stresses the laws of the Alliance and authorized to have the most devastating infantry weaponry developed by the Alliance, Elite Combat Operatives are given some of the greatest training possible to them which makes them even more lethal against their foes.

Overview Edit

Development Edit

Elite Combat Operatives are the best of the best when it comes to human warfare. Earlier generations of Elite Combat Operatives were simply highly-trained soldiers, often


graduates. It wasn't until 

Miranda Lawson

began working with the 

Systems Alliance

in 2187 that the Alliance would take special initiative with the project. By 2208, over 80% of Elite Combat Operatives were replaced with genetically-modified superhumans similar to Miranda Lawson. 

Genetic Traits & Abilities Edit

Elite Combat Operatives are far superior, though more scarce, than the average human. The skeletal structure of an ECO is extremely strong, capable of taking tons of extreme pressure and nearly being as dense as resistant as metal. Their muscular structure is adapted to be very developed, making them incredibly strong, very flexible, and highly mobile. The senses of an ECO are enhanced which gives them amazing vision and incredible hearing. An ECO is also more intelligent than normal humans, rivaling


in mental prowess and organization aswell as strategic ability. Last but not least, the biotics of an ECO are superior even to Miranda Lawson though they are mostly taught how to use defensive biotics rather than a wide array of offensive biotic techniques.

Training Edit

Elite Combat Operatives are trained in several fields of combat and intelligence gathering. They learn to master atleast four martial arts styles and their biotic abilities are honed to exponential levels. Elite Combat Operatives learn wield multiple weapons with great skill which is shown by their precision and speed when handling infantry weapons. They are also trained to utilize various vehicles, from




to LAT-S45 Crickets and A99 Wasps.

Standard Equipment Edit

M-5 Phalanx

Mark 14 Grenade

Notable Units Edit

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