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The Expeditionary Brigades of the Systems Alliance Marine Corps were the principal contingency strike forces of the

Systems Alliance Marine Corps

, and served as the Rapid Deployment Force of their higher Marine Expeditionary Force. Marine Expeditionary Brigades provided the Alliance government and military the capacity to immediately land a strike force on any planetary theater of operations within short order. Expeditionary Brigades served as the forward deployment forces for their higher Marine Expeditionary Force, serving as the vanguard for planetary invasions.

All Marine Expeditionary Brigades were commanded by a full

Marine General

, and were comprised of three disparate regiment-size components; a Corsair Regiment (Airborne), a Forward Aircraft Wing, and a Forward Logistical Support Regiment.


Order of Battle of Systems Alliance Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Systems Alliance Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Order of Battle

Each of the three subordinated components of the Expeditionary Brigade were commanded by a



  1. Corsair Regiment (Airborne)
  2. Forward Aircraft Wing
  3. Forward Logistical Support Regiment

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