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250px-Togruta NEGAS

Queen of Inoshi

Faya was the queen of Inoshi when Epsilon Project found their people. She was the one pulling her people to future technology. She is wise and can talk muliple languages. After Epsilon confronted them she learned human language and Quarian. she is a perfect inventor and invented the first transport CX-345 which could transport her people around the planet. She later falled in love with a human Jason Stabborn. After mating she been inpregnated by a child who was born in a twelwe months. She later also mated with another human Alex Ford from who she got another child from.


She looks the same as any Inoshi and wears an imperial robe. She has also an imperial making(tatoo) on her chest which was made on her second birthday.


She is very calm and intelligent. She always listens to her people and does only good thing to them. She is a loving person but then her town is under attack she is fearless warrior though she rarely battles.


Early lifeEdit

She was born on 2150. in the following year she got the making on her chest and began studying.In a fifty years she became a queen of her people and lived in piece till Epsilon Prpject came to their planet

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