A Fighter Drone was a large, unmanned machine used to combat the Reapers. The first one was created 50,000 years ago by a race known as the Protoss but none have been made since. The Protoss technology was on par with the Protheans, though they had more time to create a force to fight the Reapers. They created the Fighter Drone as renewable, fearless, destructive weapons of war.

Deployment Edit

Fighter Drones were deployed in flotillas consisting of 50 or more other drones. They could be launched through Dark Space wormholes one at a time also. They were frequently used for ambushes against the Reapers in space. They would enter a state of dormancy and fold up in large debris fields. Once a passing Reaper grew close enough, their proximity sensors would reactivate them and they would attack en masse.

Statistics Edit

  • height: 4 meters
  • length: 12 meters
  • width: 6 meters
  • weight: 20 tons
  • lifespan: 100 years
  • Defense: High
  • Offense: High
  • intelligence: Vrtual Intelligence

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