This article, Final Battle of the Secession, was written by Inferno G. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

It soon became evident that the war was coming to it's end after the Hierarchy captured Primus, the primary colony and headquarters of the Arcovan. The Arcovan, or Praefan in particular, became very nervous and desperate after this devastating loss. Small Arcovan fleets began appearing throughout Citadel-space in places where they usually never went. Praefan had planned for a major military operation against the Hierarchy and ordered many of the small Arcovan navy to rendezvous in the Skyllian Verge for a full-on invasion of Hierarchy territory. They attacked places like Palaven, Regnum, and Lacertus. In the end the invasion was devastating, but the Hierarchy successfully fended them off and finished off the Arcovan with an attack on the last Separatist holdouts.

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