This article, First Battle of Primus, was written by Inferno G. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

First Battle of Primus
The Secession War

The First Battle of Primus was the first military engagement in the Secession War to take place on terrestrial land, taking place on the surface of Primus. In an attempt to stop the war before it even got started, Turian Hierarchy forces attacked the Arcovan headquarters there.

Arcovan forces had Primus heavily-defended, from the orbit to the surface. Before the Hierarchy fleet could enter the atmosphere of Primus, they were too worn down to stand against the ground forces of the Arcovan's for long. A significant number of AA cannons ensured that Hierarchy ships would stay at bay while Arcovan infantry ambushed, surrounded, or otherwise hunted Hierarchy ground troops as they landed on the planet via dropships. In time, Hierarchy forces would retreat from Primus.

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