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Garganta prime-giant jungle world

Garganta Prime is the biggest planet in mysterious region known as Atlantis Systems. The planet is really as big as two jupiters joined together. The planet is all covered in a kilometer high jungle,so on the surface there is very small light. The planet is the main headquaters of Epsilon Project in 2230


The surface of the planet can not be seen because it is buried under kilometer tall mountain ranges and jungle.The jungles tree reflect small light so back on surface it vesy dark. Sometimes on the surface fire happend but it so happens that the fire doesnt spread too much. It has a giant ocean and a giant mountain 2 kilometers tall known as Ayaracha on which the native race live.


There is race which was in stone edge before Epsilon Project moved there. Iroshi. Also there are hundreds of different trees and a bigger version of varren which are known as charren. There are tresher mavs and Draconis.

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