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The Geth Hound is a fast and efficient bestial form of Geth.

Description Edit

The Geth Hound, known as Hound for short, is a tripedal Geth form. It has two eyes; a primary eye and a secondary eye located beneath the primary eye. Both eyes give the Hound tremendous sight though one eye can activate a powerful high beam flashlight and the other fires a concussive wave. Hounds have dark armor, usually dark blue, and have slight stealth capabilities despite being 13 feet tall and weighing a ton. The Geth Hounds are usually seen in packs so if one is discovered, there are atleast four more lurking in the area.

Deployment Edit

Geth Hounds are deployed for scouting and hunting. It is an adept tracker, finding and killing hiding enemies. It is deployed in all sorts of environments. Like Geth Armatures, it can be deployed from mid-air by a Geth dropship. It can also be launched from a Geth Seed Cannon They are usually used in areas with many hiding areas like forests, mountains, and urban areas.

Armament Edit

Hounds have a small arsenal of weaponry as they usually just trample enemies or locate targets for other Geth. It has hooks on it's three legs that can be used to gut targets or incarcerate enemies. It has an area under it's body that projects a lancer-like spike which can be used to impale enemies. It's final weapon is the secondary eye under the primary eye. This eye can be used to fire a pulse wave that concusses the target.

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