The Geth Omega is possibly one of the most dangerous forms of Geth ever witnessed. They have both extreme strength and enhanced intelligence.

Description Edit

Omegas are naturally imposing figures, towering over many. They have thin waists, heads, shoulders, and upper legs but they are stronger than most Geth ground forces. Unlike other Geth who share processing power, Omegas have higher intelligence all on their own. The design of their bodies is reminiscent to the Reapers and of Geth Dropships. They have an organic-like design that helps them to stand out. They communicate using deep clicks, grunts, and gurgles aswell as radio transmissions.

Armament Edit

Geth Omegas carry an impressive arsenal with them. They have weapons located in their hands that fire bolts of energy, similar to Sovereign's main attack. They also have flame throwers built into their wrists. They also can somehow manipulate dark energy into biotic abilities. Omegas are only known to use push or barrier though they may have more abilities in their potential.

Besides offensive weaponry, Omegas have a number of defensive tools aswell. Dispite its smooth, soft appearance, Omegas have extremely thick armor which can take large amounts of conventional fire. They also have kinetic barriers which protect them long enough to target where the enemy fire originates if they happen to be hiding.

Statistic Edit

  • Height: 14 ft
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Kinetic Shielding: Moderate
  • Weapon Strength: High
  • Intelligence: High

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