Geth ground forces were the main types of geth that were put into battle. When they failed, more advanced types such as the Destroyers would be put into battle.

Geth DronesEdit

Geth drones were a common sight in geth bases. They were protected by light armor and a geth gun. They have no sheilding, and could be easily destroyed.

Geth TrooperEdit

Geth Troopers were the basic geth warriors. They were equipped with a Pulse Rifle and light armor. They also had light shielding, making them easy to kill.

Geth SniperEdit

Geth Snipers were geth that used sniper rifles. They were positioned in sniping towers and ledges. They had medium armor and medium shields. Though tougher than the basic geth, they could be killed by a shot to the head.

Geth GrenadierEdit


A Geth Grenadier.

A Geth Grenadier was a geth that had a main arament of grenades. They used frag, plasma, ion, concussion, cryoban, and adhesive grenades. When they ran out of grenades, they used heavy pistols. They had medium armor and heavy shielding, making them tougher to kill.

Geth Rocket TrooperEdit

Geth Rocket Troopers were equipped with rockets and a pulse rifle. Though they had rockets, they had light armor and light shielding, making them easy to kill.

Geth Shock TrooperEdit

Geth Shock Troopers were the geth commanders on the battlefield. They had medium armor and heavy shielding. They were equipped with modified Pulse Rifles and Disrupter Rockets, making them hard to kill.

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