Gino IV is a planet that was once home to the ancient race of the Validus.

Geological Traits Edit

Gino IV was a large planet, about 1.3x larger than Earth. It is covered by large rainforests spanning hundreds of miles aswell as desert plains, canyons, and mile-high mountains. The rainforests have much taller trees than on Earth and house a plethora of life. The desert plains are hot and covered in dust and ash rather than sand. The ash is possibly from massive volcanic reuptions or the remains of the civilization that once lived their. The canyons were carved by large rivers that ultimately dried up but are now home to low-flying creatures. The mountains are huge and covered in ice and snow. Very few creatures live in the mountains, though the ones who do are very adaptive and resilient.

Atmospheric Traits Edit

The atmosphere on Gino IV is similar to Earth, though thicker. Long ago, the atmosphere was thin because of the ancient cities that existed. Now, the forests have exuded a large amount of oxygen into the atmosphere, making the atmosphere rich with breathable gas. Massive rainstorms are frequent near rainforests and tend to last a day or two at a time, causing flooding. In the desert areas, clouds are smaller and release about 10 feet of rain a year.

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