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Once known as "Gatatog Halberd", he is a freelance Krogan mercenary with more than 200 years of combat experience and a lot of bad blood with many people. Halberd was banished from Gatatog after going against

Gatatog Uvenk's

authority. Now as technically the last Gatatog member after 

Urdnot Grunt's

rampage against their leadership, Halberd wishes to rebuild the once great clan under him. He worked as a freelancer for years, spending much of his time as a mercenary for the Sirga Union fighting against Batarian slavers and raiders. He soon met up with Indigo, and joined her rag-tag crew of pirates for more excitement and variety.

Personality Edit

Halberd is a Krogan who, for his age, is surprisingly accepting of others. He even works alongside turians in Shogun. Even though he can tolerate a few Turian allies, Halberd has a general dislike for Turians and most other Citadel races citing "they all had a hand in the genophage." Though his attitude towards Hanar, Humans, Elcor, and Drell are more civil he still wouldn't go as far as to trust one with his life.

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