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Illusive Women
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late September 2190

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Illusive Legacy







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White Moons


She was a project to which Illusive Man referred as a slave. This included using the DNA of best soldiers and operatives all around the galaxy to create his legacy. She took control over Apollo Cell in Cerberus . She eventually started to hate her "father" and tried to kill him. In a failed attempt she was listed as rogue operative. When she broke with Cerberus she started her own organization known as White Moons .


Born in the late September of 2190 she was sent to citadel where she grew to an age of 5. From there she was sent onto new Cerberus facility on Eden Prime. Where she was to learn the aspects of leadership. Where Illusive Man ordered her biotics to be enhanced. After it at the age 12 she was sent to Earth where Cerberus continued her training. Where she learned the combat skill. When she got 17 Illusive Man insisted her to go N7 program and serve in the Alliance for sometime. When she finally got 22 Illusive man entrusted her his Apollo Cell. This cell was operating on the strange anomaly which had the planet they were orbiting. The planet itself indoctrinated the colonists.

After 2 years working there she went rogue. The Cell followed her. Eventually she based the operation on the new space station and started White Moons. This organization became a band working in Terminus Systems. The organization grew and she became big criminal. she was able to drag the attention from her. When Inquisitors attacked she used the time and took over one Inquisitor. She payed bunch of scientists to investigate it.

Soon Oblivion Hunters contacted her and payed so White Moons would be the secondary protection of Shakrahna. She agreed. She later met up with Dawn, when he was asking for a new army.

The NameEdit

She assumed her nickname when she started to lead Apollo Cell. At first it was Illusive Woman but when she went rogue she made everyone think that she was running White Moons with few other people so she named herself Illusive Women. Everyone thought that it is a number of people are running the gang while only one did.

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